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The coffee destoner works on the principle of gravity, using relatively light beans to pick out impurities that might be found, such as stones and metals. The de-stoner is designed with an adjustable large volume blower that creates a vacuum tunnel for separating the coffee beans from the heavier particles. Therefore, it can help the customer to get 100% pure coffee beans, without damaging our customer or his inverted door equipment.

The destoner is directly connected to the outlet of the coffee roaster’s cooling tray, and the cooled beans are evacuated directly to the destoner without stopping midway. All you have to do is open the door of the cooling tray and open the switch of destoner, after several seconds you will get 100% pure coffee beans in the silo of destoner.

  • Removes foreign objects from your roasted coffee
  • Available in 10,20, 30 and 60 KG capacities
  • Fan speed can be adjusted
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How does it work?

  • After roasting your beans, you simply put them through the Giesen destoner which will remove all the foreign objects and leave you ultimately with nothing but coffee beans. This extra quality step seamlessly integrates with the roasting process. Following the roasting process, you can transport the beans easily to the destoner, after which you can immediately use the beans. 

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