We keep upgrading our products to give customers a better user experience. Wintop WS-6 delivers gentle, consistent, precise, and cost-effective roasts batch after batch. Making output up to 30kg per hour, which improves your working efficiency.

Standout Features:

  • Roast Capacity: 1kg-8kg
  • Heating type: LPG/NG/PROPANE
  • Data logger: Artisan, go roaster, roastmaster,cropster
  • Manual type or Automatic type
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  • Roast Type: Double walled drum specialty coffee roaster
  • Model No.: WS-6 (Manual type); WS-6A (Automatic type)
  • Batch Capacity: 1kg-8kg green coffee beans
  • Roast Time:12-20 miniutes/batch
  • Heating Type: LPG/NG/PROPANE
  • Machine Power:2000W
  • Voltage: Single Phase 220V 50/60HZ
  • Data Logger: Available
  • Machines Dimensions : 130*75*175cm
  • Machine Weight:650kg
  • Package Carton Box
  • Color options: black, white

What's the difference?

WS-6 Manual Type

  • Manual adjust hot air volume and fireflame
  • Manual control bean temperature and hot air temperature
  • Data logger : Artisan, go roaster,roastmaster,cropster
  • Manual damper

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WS-6A Automatic type

  • All manual type functions
  • App control the whole roasting process
  • Touch screen operation for option
  • Manual create roasting profile and machine repeat it automatically
  • Manual damper and Electric damper
  • Export,overwrite, share and save roasting profiles

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  • Double Walled Drum

    WS-6 is released by a double-layer drum coffee roaster,the drum is made of two layers of carbon steel alloy, drum’s total thickness is 10 mm. Carbon steel alloy has a better diathermancy than stainless steel. When it starts heating up, the hot air quickly full fill in the gap between two layers, the inner drum is surrounded by hot air, and the hot air can evenly through the inner drum to beans for doing roasting to achieve gentle and evenly roast. Thanks to the drum structure design, it makes the beans motion circles perfect inside the drum, thus greatly improving roasting efficiency and quality!

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  • High Performance Burner

    Our team work hard for developing high performance heating burner.It is easy to ignite the fire on burner and keep it in strong to heat up the drum, plus the durable insulation layer around the drum, you can maximum use the heats only to beans which saves the fuel.

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  • Data Logger: Artisan, go roaster, roastmaster, cropster

    WS-6 data logger function is compatible with seval softwares or APPs.

    6kg manual type works with Artisan,go roaster, roastmaster, cropster.

    6kg Automatic type works with go roaster (our own developped software) for exporting,overwriting, sharing and saving roast profiles. Inquiry Now

Standout features

  • Real-time safety monitoring

    In case of failure of ignition or sudden flameout, the roaster will automatically cut off the gas source and turn on the safety alarm.

  • Built-in temperature probe

    Integrated design ensures real-time feedback within the drum to keep the hot-air temperature/bean temperature at any time.

  • Straight fire-row gas burner

    It gives you the firepower you crave, with stability beyond imagination.

  • Data Logger

    Mobile App software (goroasters, roastmaster) wifi connection and USB computer works with Artisan software for data logger.

  • Adjustable Drum Speed

    Precise speed adjustment controls the heat transfer ratio of hot air, allowing the roastmasters to explore the fun of roast freely.

  • 70% of hot air roasting

    Full strong hot air gives the coffee beans the heat energy, during the development period to accumulate the aroma.

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