Our WK-6 roast capacity is 500g-6.5kg coffee green beans, Machine is made individually by handcrafted, with extremely high precision.

WK-3 Durable commercial coffee roaster


  • Available in gas type only, designed by single-layer or double-walled 304 stainless steel drum (option), utilize enough thermal radiation and hot air to deliver the even roast. WK series 6 kg solid drum coffee roasting equipment provides you with a higher level of efficiency and consistency roasting for many years to come.
  • Half direct fire and half hot air type coffee roaster, maximum heat utilization, 15-18 minutes can finish the dark roast, manual and electric hot air volume adjustments, built-in cooling fan motor plus cooling mixing to lock the aroma inside the beans by rapid cooling within 2 minutes.
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  • Model No. :WK-6
  • Batch Capacity: 500g-6500g
  • Roasts per hour: 4-5
  • Roast time: 12-18 minutes
  • Capacity per Hour: 20 – 32 kg
  • Heating Source: Natural Gas/Propane/LPG
  • Electrical Power: Single phase, 220V/ 50 or 60Hz
  • Data Logger: Available
  • Machines Dimension: 147.5 *60*158 cm
  • Double walled drum: Available (option)
  • Package Plywood: Plywood
  • Package Dimension: 160 *110 *155 cm
  • N/G Weight: 435kg/600kg
  • Durable Drum Structure

    The drum is the most important part of the coffee roaster, WK-6 drum is made of food level 304 stainless steel, single-layer drum thickness is 6 mm. The brackets are thick enough welded inside the drum which keeps the drum more stable to last its service life for many years to come. The special mixing blades design makes coffee beans inside the drum well-mixed. Single-layer drum and double-walled drum for options, customers could choose what they prefer.

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  • Cooling Fan, Drum Speed Control, Data logger USB Port, Aviation socket

    Cooling Fan : Our WK-6 coffee roaster keeps the electric cabinet away from the drum which avoids overheats from the drum results in shortening the electric parts service life. Plus we installed a large cooling fan to help electric parts dissipate heat, maximumly keep electric parts work in good condition.

    Drum Speed Control: If you are not satisfied with constant drum roasting, and you want to develop more tastes from roasted beans, you could try to roast the coffee beans under different drum speeds, that will bring you more surprise. Adjust Range: 0-100RPM

    Data logger USB port: connect to your computer and open Artisan software to start recording your roasting profiles. Aviation socket: A button set up close to it which avoids any electric shock, every detail ensures safety.

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  • OMRON and SIEMENS brand parts

    WK-6 control panel plate is made of 304 stainless steel, we use Omron temperature controllers and Siemens big buttons which give customer better-operation experience and no worries about broken.

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  • More Details highlights Quality

    Manual Damper and Electric Damper: Matel type manual damper plus Electric type Damper let you contril air flow more effective ,more precisely.Debris Tray: Made of by 1.5 mm thickness 304 stainless steel.Stainless Steel Bearing makes sure machine’s durability.

    Gas Pressure knob: We don’t give up each detail to make a quality roaster. The dial plate and knob are not plastic ones but a 304 stainless steel one.

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  • Cooling Tray and Cooling Tray Access

    Cooling Tray: To get roasted coffee beans cool down in a faster time, we designed a cooling tray diameter at 500mm, a large cooling tray works with a powerful cooling tray motor to get roasted beans cool down within 2 minutes. And it’s made of fully 304 stainless steel without any painting. (All the parts on the machine contact beans directly, we do not use any painting). Cooling tray with cover and Cooling tray without cover for options. 

    Cooling Tray Access: Cooling tray access is designed by a latch door which is easy to clean up all the space under the cooling tray with one hand.

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  • Date Logger - Artisan and Cropster

    WK-6 achieves computer USB works with Artisan software for data logger. 

    WK-6 is also able to integrate with cropster software for data logging.

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