WK-3 is well built by 304 stainless steel, high-performance burner, precision temperature, and hot air volume control, 4 motors work separately for each single function…

WK-3 Durable commercial coffee roaster

Features and benefits

  • WK 3 kg coffee roaster machine is structured differently from small capacity models, it is well built with a double gas valve safety control system, drum speed control, data logger, large cleaning and maintenance accesses, precise hot air and temperature controls, two – in -one casters and ground legs keep it stand out the competitors.
  • The electric control box is designed far from the drum to avoid the overheats produced while roasting, which will protect the electric parts and last their service life for a long time.
  • If you are looking for a high performance and long service life 2-3 kg capacity coffee roaster in gas type for your business, WK 3 kg is your best choice.
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  • Model No. : WK-3 Specialty shop coffee roaster
  • Batch Capacity: 500g-3500g
  • Roasts per hour: 4-5
  • Roast time: 12-18 minutes
  • Capacity per Hour: 10 – 16 kg
  • Heating: Natural Gas/Propane/LPG
  • Electrical Power: Single phase, 220V/ 50 or 60Hz
  • Data Logger: Artisan, Cropster
  • Hot Air fan motor: 60W
  • Machines Dimensions 127.5 *50.5 *145 cm
  • Machine Weight: 310kg
  • Package Dimension: 135 *110 *130 cm
  • Gross Weight: 430kg
  • Smoke Filter (Option)
  • Hot Air pressure gauge (Option)
  • 110V Voltage transformer (Option)
  • Hot Air Pressure Gauge

    Controlling airflow is very important during the roast, Normally, we control airflow is only by manual damper. But once you forget to clean up the exhaust pipe and exhaust fan motor in time, the dust and chaff may block the pipe or motor, or if you meet the bad weather (like strong wind, heavy rain, etc.), you may not get exact pressure value by the manual damper.

    Then the hot air pressure gauge can help you get the real airflow pressure value in any condition, that makes your roast more precise.

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  • High-Performance Burner

    Our team works hard for developing high-performance heating burner. It is easy to ignite the fire on the burner and keep it strong to heat the drum, plus the durable insulation layer around the drum, you can maximize use the heats only to beans which saves the fuel.

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  • Large Maintenance Access

    WK-3 is designed with large maintenance access which is easy to clean and replace parts. If you need to clean or replace the gas burner, you just need to screw off the little bolts on the maintenance access door to finish it. This is a great improvement from our previous model.

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  • Cooling Tray and Cooling Tray Access

    Cooling Tray: To get roasted coffee beans cool down in a faster time, we designed a cooling tray diameter at 500mm, a large cooling tray works with a powerful cooling tray motor to get roasted beans cool down within 2 minutes. And it’s made of fully 304 stainless steel without any painting. (All the parts on the machine contact beans directly, we do not use any painting). Cooling tray with cover and Cooling tray without cover for options. 

    Cooling Tray Access: Cooling tray access is designed by a latch door which is easy to clean up all the space under the cooling tray with one hand.

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  • Date Logger - Artisan and Cropster

    WK-3 achieves computer USB works with Artisan software for data logger. 

    WK-3 is also able to integrate with cropster software for data logging.

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