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Wintop Coffee Roasters

Wintop Coffee Roasters is the China leading coffee roasters and equipment provider. Based in Nanyang city, Henan province. We offer more than just excellent high-quality commercial/industrial coffee roasters with wide variety of capacities, easy-to-use, state-of-the-art technology. We also provide the coffee related auxiliary equipment and promise our customers best customer service and support focusing on installation, operation,maintenance and other coffee solutions.

To achieve better-user experience and meet customers particular business requirements, our engineer team keep upgrading our products with more controls,options, and advanced technologies. Our mission is based in China to help customers find the best coffee roasters, related coffee products,and the professional coffee solutions for their business to be successful!

Our coffee roasters are available in gas type and electric type, manual type and automatic type, drum roaster and hot air roaster. Capacities are available in 50g tiny/sample coffee roaster to 200kg industrial coffee roaster. Whether you are a green hand on coffee, or you are a professional roastmaster, we have the right one for you. Our coffee auxiliary equipment are available in commercial coffee grinders, coffee destoners, Electrostatic smoke eliminator, afterburner, coffee filling machine, coffee sealing machine etc. We are expecting to discuss with you about your business together.

wintop company

Wintop Coffee Roasters

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Product advantages:

The biggest advantage of us is that we keep upgrading our products to the latest advanced technology to deliver customers better user-experiences.

We use the best materials to build up durable and capable roasters for longer service life.

Wide range of coffee roasters (from 50g to 120kg) and Auxiliary equipment for options.

Manual type, Automatic type, Gas type,Electric-type, hot air roasters, drum roasters for options.

Professional technical support and fast response are essential.

Sales network

Because of our high-quality products and professional services, our clients are rapidly covering: the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Denmark, the Netherlands, the UK, Norway, Slovakia, Ukraine, Greece, Ireland, Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, Russia, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, etc. more than 45 countries. 

We have won a very good reputation around the world.

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  • Quality Control

    Wintop machinery only works with the factories that have the completely QC system and genuine care about the products quality. We required higher production standard level and more real tests before delivery ensure our customers get the reliable and capable equipment or machines.

  • Affordable Pirce

    Wintop machinery provides a wide range of high-performance coffee equipment or machines but at affordable prices.  You may just start your coffee journey, or you are a coffee lover, or you may look for a good opportunity to distribute coffee products from China in your area etc. We make sure that you will benefit from our cooperation.

  • Wide Range

    Except for coffee roaster machines, you may need a destoner, an Electrostatic smoke filter, or a home/shop /commercial/industrial coffee grinder, or anything related to coffee. Our skilled sourcing team will help you source all the related products that you needed to fit your business.

  • Technical Support

    Wintop machinery directly works with factories experienced engineer teams to help you answer any of the machines questions.  And in most areas, we have distributor partners that can help us provide the services and supports too. We can help you fix the problems via email, mobile phone, photos, videos or WhatsApp, Wechat for instant solutions.

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Wintop Contact Information

Eway Lee

Sales Engineer

Yolanda Chen

Sales Manager

Violet Zhang

Head of info Team

Leah Liu

Sales Engineer

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Purchasing Steps

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    Customers visit the website first and then send us an inquiry on the website by filling in the form. our sales rep. will quote the price and product’s detailed information to the clients after getting the purchase information. after both sides confirm all the transaction details, the client will give us the final order.

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    After the factory has finished producing the goods, they will be sent to the customer’s country by sea or

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