• ● Available in gas type only.
  • ● Carbon steel alloy drum with the mixing blades to ensure the best blending and even roast.
  • ● Roasting and cooling work at same time, separated chaff cyclone for effective chaff separation.
  • ● High quality stainless steel cooling tray with bin agitator
  • ● Factory made high quality burner for effective heating, fuel saving.
  • ● PLC Touch screen control panel for easy operation.
  • ● High grade insulation layer for keeping heat inside the drum
  • ● Sight glass, burner window glass, sampler spoon and the real-time temperature displays .
  • ● Four high quality motors to control drum, hot air volume, Cooling tray and Cooling mixing.
  • ● Non-stop roasting from 5-22kg
  • ● Electric controls of air flow to maximize coffee taste
  • ● Vacuum pressure gauge for options
  • ● Computer USB work with Artisan Software and Control panel for Data logging
  • ● Colors available: Black
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Model No. WA-20
Batch Capacity 6kg – 30kg green coffee beans
Roast Time 18-22 miniutes/batch
Heating Type LPG/NG/Propane
Gas Pressure LPG:2.8KPA, NG: 1.2KPA
Machine Power 2850W
Voltage Single Phase 220V or Three-phase 380V,50/60HZ
Data Logger Available
Machines Dimensions  236*110*205cm
Machine Weight 1050kg
Package Plywood box

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