Our WK-600 small home coffee roaster machine maximum can roast 700 g, it compares with 300 g machine, it is built with 2 temperature controllers for controlling hot air and coffee beans temperatures, the gas gauge is built-in type and it comes with drum speed control.

WK-600 Stainless steel drum roaster

Standout Features:

  • 304 Stainless steel roasting drum with the mixing blades to ensure the best blending and even roast.
  • Roasting and cooling can work at the same time, separated chaff cyclone for effective chaff separation.
  • High-quality stainless steel cooling tray.
  • Factory-made high-quality burner for effective heating, fuel-saving.
  • Self-ignition with adjustable heat controls
  • High-grade insulation layer for keeping heat inside the drum
  • Sight glass, burner window glass, sampler spoon, and the real-time temperature displays for accurate monitoring during roasting.
  • Programmable Temperature preset with alarm feature & manual settings.
  • Four high quality motors to control drum, hot air volume, Cooling tray.
  • Non-stop roasting from 100g-700g/drum
  • Both electric and manual control of airflow to maximize coffee taste
  • USB Data logging
  • Drum Speed control
  • Smoke filter (option)
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  • Model No.: WK-600
  • Batch Capacity: 100g-700g green coffee beans
  • Roast Time: 10-15 miniutes/batch
  • Heating Type: LPG/NG/Propane
  • Gas Pressure: LPG: 2.8KPA, NG: 1.2KPA
  • Machine Power:120W
  • Voltage: Single Phase 220V,50/60HZ
  • Data Logger: Artisan, Cropster
  • Machines Dimensions 81*48.6*71 cm
  • Machine Weight: 60kg
  • Package: Plywood box

Smoke Exhaust System

WK 600 g coffee roaster is built combined with both electric and manual damper, the chaff collector connects to the main unit directly by a hoop, one person can complete the installation, we phased out the long exhaust pipe connects to machine and chaff unit, the new direct connection greatly improves the exhaust system working efficiency.

The manual damper handle is made of stainless steel instead of the plastic one which can’t be easy broken due to the overheat with using machine often.

Drum Speed Control and Data Logger

Although WK-600 is a small coffee roaster, it still designed with the drum speed control and data logger. We use the Japan brand variation speed motor for drum speed adjustment which is more durable, the adjust range is 0-100 RPM, it helps you develop more of your roasting skills.

The USB port is next to the drum speed control switch on back of the machine, the computer USB works with Artisan software for data logger function. You can also choose for using Bluetooth adapter (factory will attach one to machine) connects machine and computer for reading and recording your roasting profiles.

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