WS-15 Automatic commercial coffee roaster is designed to provide the advanced technology, for those who really understand and appreciate quality,repeatbility, consistency,and for those who deserve the best.

Standout Features:

  • Double walled carbon steel drum achieves gentle and even roast.
  • Data logger: Santoker developped coffee roasting profiling software
  • Brand new high performance responsive burner for precise roasting
  • Sight glass, samper spoon and two thermocouples for continuous monitoring.
  • Higher grade insulation layer around drum retains heats only to drum
  • Drum speed control
  • Emergency Stop button
  • Simultaneous roasting and cooling.
  • Separated cooling tray with cooling mixing arms for repaid cooling
  • Separated large volume chaff collection cyclone for effective chaff separation.
  • Easy to operation and maintain
  • Software: Roasting Recipe storage for repeatability
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  • Model No.: WS-15
  • Capacity per batch : 10kg-15kg
  • Roasting time: 12-20 minutes/per batch
  • Capacity per hour: 40 - 60kg
  • Heating source: NG/LPG/Prone
  • Voltage: Single phase 220V 50/60HZ
  • Power: 2000W
  • Machine Dimension: 142*85.5*185cm
  • Machine Weight: 850kg
  • Options:
  • 1. Automatic green beans feeding convayor
  • 2. 15kg destoner
  • 3. Afterburner

Standout features

  • Real-time safety monitoring

    In case of failure of ignition or sudden flameout, the roaster will automatically cut off the gas source and turn on the safety alarm.

  • Built-in temperature probe

    Integrated design ensures real-time feedback within the drum to keep the hot-air temperature/bean temperature at any time.

  • Straight fire-row gas burner

    It gives you the firepower you crave, with stability beyond imagination.

  • Data Logger

    Mobile App software (goroasters, roastmaster) wifi connection and USB computer works with Artisan software for data logger.

  • Adjustable Drum Speed

    Precise speed adjustment controls the heat transfer ratio of hot air, allowing the roastmasters to explore the fun of roast freely.

  • 70% of hot air roasting

    Full strong hot air gives the coffee beans the heat energy, during the development period to accumulate the aroma.

Wintop Auxiliary Equipment

  • Aterburner

  • Destoner

  • Green bean feeding device

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