Small and portable, 50g hot air sample roaster is our smallest capacity coffee roaster, it allows you create, overwrite,compare and share your roasting profiles with friends. Available in electric type,single phase 220V 50Hz and single phase 110V 60Hz, it achives fast roast at 2-5 minutes per batch.

You can play with it in anywhere!

Standout Features:

  • Roast in Consistent and Repeatable
  • APP Control and repeat roasting profiles automatically
  • High – power heating achieves quick roast
  • Commercial and Professional
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  • Roast Type: Full hot air automatic coffee roaster
  • Model No. : WS-Q20
  • Batch Capacity: 50g green coffee beans
  • Roast time: 2-6 miniutes/batch
  • Heating Type: Electric
  • Machine Power: 2KW
  • Voltage: Single Phase 220V 60HZ or 110V 60HZ
  • Data Logger: Available
  • Machines Dimensions: 26*16*20cm
  • Machine Weight: 5kg
  • Package: Carton Box
  • Accessory Options: Cooling cup, travelling case
  • Color options: black, white
  • 2 Minutes Fast Quality Roasting

    During the test on full open fire, we successfully compete 2 minutes even roast.

    Definitely, not all types of beans suite for 2 minutes roast.

    Firepower and hot air volume can be adjusted precisely.

    Powerful hot air and very penetrating infrared ray produced by machine, that achieves 2 minutes fast quality roasting and smokeless roasting.

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  • App software control over the roast

    Even WS-Q20 is a small sample machine, it is the built-in the santoker MASTER system, which could achieve automatic and manual roasting functions. In your APP, It precisely repeats your ready roasting curves automatically. You can create,save,overwrite,compare and share your roasting profiles with friends at any time. Roasting profiles can be exported in EXCELL format for your reviews.

    On the APP platform, you can use the curve provided by the platform (Santoker roastmaster friends provided), or you can share your own roasting curve to the platform.

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